Josiah (Bo) Campbell
Josiah (Bo) CampbellPersonal Trainer
“BO is one of the best, high-character trainers here at ISP. Specifies in plyometric training, and strength training and helps push the next generation of athletes past mediocrity. He’s a tremendous asset to the team.”
Jordan Leggins
Jordan LegginsPersonal Trainer
Jordan is a laid-back guy but a fun and energetic trainer to have in your corner who is very knowledgeable and will help you fulfill your fitness needs.

“My style is always in the mind of an athlete. I don’t believe in I can’t, I believe in trying. If you give me effort I’ll give you results. It’s a grind and it is all about how bad you want it” – Jordan Leggins

Tayshawnya (Tee) Edwards
Tayshawnya (Tee) EdwardsPersonal Trainer
As a Collegiate Basketball SC Coach | NASM Certified Trainer, Tee is passionate about helping people embrace and overcome the challenges of living a healthy lifestyle and staying dedicated to their “why”.
Nick George
Nick GeorgePersonal Trainer